Diwali turned out to be extra special this year because of one simple reason – it decided to fall on a Thursday. I’ve never loved a Thursday so much in my life. The most loved days in this world are Fridays & Saturdays because former brings the anticipation of a fun-filled, wild weekend & the latter gives you a comfort that there’s another day of the weekend still left. But this particular weekend became a super-long one because of Diwali falling on Thursday. So after the Diwali madness was over, we were still left with three full days of doing anything or nothing.

I had decided to make this Diwali more fun by doing the most important thing – staying happy & excited, no matter what. My family too got into the mood. Maybe my enthusiasm got rubbed over them also. My beautiful sister made mouth-watering & just-perfect-for-us coconut laddoos. My kind & affable dad helped us clean & decorate the house. I made a small but uncluttered, colourful rangoli. My sister cooked some irresistible yet healthy food and we were all set to enjoy the day. And trust me we did enjoy the day. And of course the evening too. Puja was followed by oil-free pakodas and then came my cousins for the best part of the celebrations – card games. So all in all it was a fun-filled, exciting and bright Diwali.