Conversation 4: Two male colleagues

Male 1: C’mon yaar we all know how she has reached where she is. Must have slept with everyone right from the Chairman to the General Manager. Otherwise how did she reach this position so early in her career? And then it’s not like she’s some exceptional talent. After all she is just a woman. She was my junior but rose to that level before me.

Male 2: That’s a very derogatory thing to say.

M 1: What’s derogatory in this? It’s the truth. All women do this to climb the ladder.

M 2: No I don’t agree. My wife is at a senior position in a leading FMCG company. She has reached there because she worked hard to be there. She is an intelligent, talented woman.

M 1: Maybe you don’t know the reality. Maybe she uses some hidden talent.

M 2: You have a filthy mind. You belong to that kind of men who can’t tolerate any woman climb high on success ladder. I don’t think I would like to talk to you any longer. Stay away from me.

Conversation 5: Mother and Son

Mother: Thank god finally I got to hear this good news. I am sure this wife of yours had some problem. She took so long to conceive.
Son: Ma that’s not the case. We both wanted to wait for some time before taking this step since we were not ready then. Now we thought it was the right time.

M: All this is rubbish. I’m sure this must be that girl’s idea.

S: Ma please. She is not that girl. She is my wife. And this was our mutual decision.

M: Ok ok. Now listen carefully. Get a gender test done. And if it is a girl, get it aborted immediately.

S: What are you talking about Ma? It is our baby. Whether a girl or a boy, what difference would it make?

M: Shut up. Of course it makes a lot of difference. Girl is a burden.

S: No I don’t think so. I want a healthy baby, whether a girl or a boy. I’ll love my daughter as much as my son. I’ll give good upbringing to my child. And yes in case it is a daughter, don’t you dare mistreat her else I’ll be forced to look for a separate house.