Conversation 1: Wife and Husband

Wife: I think I should say yes for this new job. Both position and salary are very good and this is my dream profile. It’s little farther but that would mean just another hour of traveling. I am sure I can manage.
Husband: That will mean you returning back home after 8. How will you manage dinner and other household work?
Wife: You can handle that responsibility and we can hire a maid to help. I cook in the morning. You can do in the evening.
Husband: What are you saying?
Wife: You managed more than this before marriage. I am sure you can do this much even now.
Husband: I am married now. I didn’t marry to still do all this work myself.
Wife: What do you mean? You married to have a wife or a maid?

Conversation 2: Two male friends

Friend 1: What does she think of herself? I reminded her of her true place.
Friend 2: What are you talking about?
F1: My wife. She is an idiot. She refused me. I showed her what I can do.
F2: What did you do to bhabhi?
F1: Nothing much. She refused me once and I forced her to have sex with me thrice. After all I am the man.
F2: You raped her? Thrice?
F1: Sex after marriage is not rape. That’s my right.
F2: Not without her consent. You’ve committed marital rape and she can file a legal case against you.
F1: She won’t dare to. I’ll leave her. And what does she know of law?
F2: She is a working graduate. And this is her legal right.

Conversation 3: Mother and son

Mother: Tell your wife to stay within her limits. This is my house.
Son: What has she done mom?
Mother: She refused to get out of her room to make tea for me.
Son: Ma she is unwell. She had high fever in the morning. I had told her to stay in bed and rest.
Mother: Yes. That’s why I had given birth to you. Your wife is important for you but your mother means nothing now.
Son: Ma what are you saying? You are very important. She does whatever you ask her to do but today she is really sick. Have some mercy on the poor girl.
Mother: Nobody has mercy on me. I haven’t had my evening tea till now. My head is hurting. But why should you care?
Son: Ma she has not eaten since morning. You didn’t bother to go and check on her. On the contrary you are cursing her. At least you should have asked her to have something to eat. And because of that she hasn’t taken her medicine. But then of course your evening tea is more important that you couldn’t have because she didn’t make it.