This was written on January 8, 1996. At that age friends mean the world. I dedicated this poem to all my good friends & made most of them read it. It’s titled – ‘People like you…’

People like you are so special,
that though they live apart,
always come near & near,
to your massive heart.

They live in your dreams,
they live in your imagination,
they become so familiar to your eyes,
that they need no identification.

Just thinking about them,
gives you so much pleasure,
they are some special people,
whom you always treasure.

They are such people,
who are always with you there,
whatever be the problem,
they are always there for you to care.

Such people though are few,
but are always near you,
just like a friend,
who is true…just like you.

You can never forget a true friend,
very close to your heart,
who has a special place in your life,
knows about you & your loving heart.

This is still dedicated to all my dear friends 🙂