Life is complicated. Relationships are complicated. We as individuals are complicated. Sometimes we do certain things that even we wouldn’t have thought we can. We’re unpredictable for ourselves. We all commit mistakes. Sometimes even blunders. But then we are human beings. So when we try to understand ourselves, we complicate things more. My mantra is to leave myself free and find ways to liberate myself. When in a situation where I feel too caught up, I indulge myself in activities that I enjoy. I either go and spend time with a group of my favorite people or shop something for myself that I have been trying to buy for ages or eat something that I like but don’t usually because it is fattening. That doesn’t mean I run away from the complication or problem. It’s just that I give myself some more time to come to terms with it and handle it in a better way. Also, there are certain questions that arise in life whose answers we don’t have. Therefore, it is better to leave them for the time when there is a possibility of finding the answers.

I’m learning from my dad to stay balanced in all situations. After all this is life. It’ll have its turns and trials. The best we can do for ourselves is to go through them calmly. Life is never the same always. Change is what happens with every passing moment. If good days get over soon, so would bad days too. I now try not to give extreme reactions. I’m not yet there completely but I’m trying and I’m sure I’ll be there soon.