I’ve a small board on my desk with a quote written on it – The only key to happiness: you don’t deserve to be happy, you decide to be happy. It has been with me since years now. So many times I happen to read it when feeling little low and many a times it motivates me to come out of this self-induced despair to become happy again. But it doesn’t happen every time. There are days when this mantra doesn’t work. But I’ve realized over a period of time that what works in all situations is to stay positive. One may not be very comfortable and at peace with a certain situation but what can keep him/her going is the positive frame of mind and the belief that all days are not the same. Optimism is the biggest virtue.A dear friend keeps on telling me to stay positive, no matter what. After all it is the hope to see a new morning that lets us sleep peacefully. I’m a positive person. I drive my strength from the fact that if today is a bad day, tomorrow will definitely be better. While I would admit that I can’t stay happy always but I try to be hopeful about the future all the time. Hope and positive stance are my mantras.

Another very important factor in life is motivation. Everything that we do in life, be it brushing our teeth or buying an expensive car, is driven by some motivation. And yes bigger the motivation, more is the strength we put behind doing that job though motivation can be subjective. For example, Mr. A may buy an expensive bungalow to impress his fiance whereas Mr. B might buy the same property just because his family has become large but both have some motivation behind it. Sometimes we may not have any external motivation and that’s the time when self-motivation is critical. It usually happens in situations where we’re not too comfortable or happy. A self-motivated person can keep himself floating and even open new doors of success for himself/herself.

So, drive you life with never-dying hope and ever-lasting motivation and nothing will be able to bring you down.