Dear LifeI find you very strange. You give me hundred reasons to cry but thousands to laugh as well. You give me failures but successes too. I stumble, I fall but then I get up and walk again. I find you difficult at times but beautiful too. I sometimes want to take a break from you but never want to let go of you. After all you are mine. You make me experience so much. You make me meet so many others. You bring surprises and shocks. And you keep moving on.But not without me. You always take me along. You sometimes become a difficult problem but you help find answers too. Sometimes you move fast and sometimes you move really slow. But either ways you have something new to offer. Every moment that I spend with you is different. I learn from you. You’ve given me some beautiful and some not so beautiful memories. And honestly there are some days I want to delete from you. But then I know that is not possible. Despite all this strangeness, I love you.

I’ll look forward to hear from you.