Many a time we hear ourselves and others complain about how complicated life is. Nothing is easy. Nothing comes easy. Not even a single day passes without encountering at least one thing that affects our life’s perfect equilibrium. And since no single day passes peacefully, that equilibrium actually doesn’t exist. Which, in a nutshell, means from the day one is born, this equilibrium disturbing events start happening and at any given point of time, they exist in numbers in our lives and mostly overlapping each other creating complicated situations. Life is, therefore, complicated.

Man, as they say, is a social animal. We are born with many relations and as we grow, we keep building newer relations. We are surrounded by other social animals who, like us, have their own complicated lives the baggage of which they add to our life. Which essentially means that our already complicated life becomes even more complicated. But there’s nothing much one can do about these forced complications since that’s how humans are designed. We are moving balls of emotions, feelings, habits and many other things that are not in our control or even knowledge.

With so many complications, it is but natural for us to get affected in more than one ways. Each one of us has a different set of complications and also different levels to which we let them affect us. After all, we are not like each other. We all are different, not just in physical terms but also in terms of our emotions, willpower, understanding of life, likes-dislikes, the openness of mind, and the acceptance that others also, just like us, are complicated.

Now the question is what do we do. Should we keep complaining? Does that help? Maybe as a short-term relief, it does since it is human nature to find solace in complaining and blaming outside factors but definitely not as a long-term solution. As I have mentioned above, how we take our problems largely depends on us and how our basic nature has developed over a period of time but one thing we can immediately do as a first step towards uncomplicating life is ACCEPTING THAT LIFE IS COMPLICATED AND SO ARE WE. Once that acceptance comes, our whole way of looking at life and everything involved with life changes. Then we start focussing on solutions rather than problems.

So, accept and see the change.